Windsor Property Management - Dede's Property ManagementIf you have a property available for rent in Windsor, California, you might wonder how to find the best tenants in Windsor you possibly can. A good tenant will make a huge difference in your experience as a landlord. If you want to attract the best, most responsible and trustworthy renters for your residential property, follow these 4 guidelines:

  1. Pay attention to your property’s condition. It matters how your home looks. First impressions are important, and can drive interest in your property. If you want to attract the best pool of applicants, make sure you do a few cosmetic things before putting your residence on the market. Ensure that the house looks great and the yard is in good shape. Pay attention to little details such as a fresh coat of paint on the walls, clean carpets throughout the house, and drapes and blinds that are free of dirt and dust. Put yourself in your renter’s shoes when you step back and look at your property. Make sure it is clean, appealing and welcoming.
  1. The price should be right. In order to attract great tenants, you need to make sure your price is fair and competitive for the Windsor area. Take a look at any properties in your neighborhood that are currently renting or have recently been on the rental market. You want your asking price to be affordable for the renters who are shopping around. For example, if houses similar to yours are renting for $1,750, pricing your own home for $2,250 per month will not work. You will not attract a lot of renters in that price range, and your property will sit vacant on the market for much longer than if you priced it competitively.
  1. Advertise everywhere. Your advertising efforts should be diverse and successful. Broadcast the property you have as widely as possible so that you are attracting tech-savvy renters who prefer to browse ads online as well as the more traditional types who drive through neighborhoods looking for signs that advertise rentals. Place ads online, in the newspaper and any other place that receives traffic from potential renters. You should place signage anywhere you can, hand out flyers with your property’s information and get your rental details in front of as many people as you can. Your dream renter cannot find you without the proper advertising.
  1. Establish rental criteria. This detail is essential. The most important thing you can do to attract the best tenants in Windsor is to have specific rental criteria. You do not want to rent out your property to just anyone who happens to be interested in it. When you attract a large pool of interested applicants, you can be highly selective and remarkably successful.

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