If you do not know where and how to find tenants in Windsor, Santa Rosa or other parts of Sonoma County, you might have a hard time keeping your property rented. Finding great tenants depends on where and how you advertise. You typically need to create a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach when it comes to advertising for tenants. There are four different advertising strategies to consider.

  1. Signage. Putting out signs and “tear sheets” where potential renters will see them is one good way to find tenants in Windsor and throughout Sonoma County. Having signage posted at your rental property is also helpful. Make sure your signs identify a contact and phone number. If you have a larger rental operation, we recommend that your signage also identify your company’s website and your office’s physical address. Having signage that is clean, professional in appearance, easy to see and containing appropriate contact information is extremely useful. One beneficial aspect to on-site signage is the impression it makes on people who are intentionally looking for properties in a specific neighborhood and “just happened to drive by.”

  1. Online advertising. There are several websites that are available for you to promote your available properties online. Be sure to evaluate the effectiveness of different sites. Some of them may be expensive, and you do not want to spend a lot of money on advertising costs unless you know your ads will be seen by a large volume of qualified potential renters. You want a good return on your investment. Some of the most beneficial sites we use include Rentals.com and HomeRentals.net. Don’t forget to construct and maintain your own website appropriately: it should also be designed as a strong source of advertising for your available rental properties. (You should also take the concept and process of “search engine optimization” seriously: if people can’t find your website, they won’t see your vacancies.)

  1. Create a physical presence. You need to make sure you develop a brand name that people recognize. For many property management firms, a physical office is beneficial for both operational and advertising functions. If you establish a physical office and are visible in the community, people will usually find it easier to work with you. Invite prospective applicants to come into your office and get information on all of the listings you currently have available. Make sure the information you provide is detailed, and have a professional staff member available to answer any questions people might have.

  1. Print advertising. I realize, we now live in the digital age, and many people believe that “print is dead.” While advertising in periodicals such as newspapers and community circulars is not as effective as it once was, there are still good reasons to use print advertising. It can be a good way to put your listings in front of people who still rely on traditional advertising and news media. Not everyone relies on Craigslist to find their next rental.

If you want to find great tenants in Windsor, you have to make sure you have a diverse and wide-ranging advertising strategy. These four marketing strategies will help you promote your available listings and get great tenants into your residential rentals.

As always, if you have any questions, fel free to contact us.